Susanne Leutenegger


Thinking about my art

Painting for me is giving space.

Giving space to what is yet silent, what is waiting patiently, what is

During the working process I am guided by a promising spark, hoping to let
come to the surface what dreams unknowingly.

The process is often subject to change. A movement that is impetuous and
inquiring can often intervene or reverse intentions. Being spontaneous and
silent, energetic and patient, agreeing and contradicting are part of life.

Trustful I enter into a dialogue with new existences.

Hands become leaves,

   leaves become feathers,

   feathers become feet,

   feet become flowerbuds,

   buds become paddles,

   paddles become bells,

   a bell a wing,

   a wing a rattling gourd,

   a gourd pearl,

   pearl stone fruitkernel.

I usually start with a blurred, unknowing surface and

an idea of a precise line, letting them explore a

movement together that is round, playful and simple.